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There is no point in my life when creativity was not sitting right next to me, nudging my elbow, asking to be fed. I did not always heed it’s calling, and left it on the brink of starvation for many, many years.

Now my kids are finally grown and I no longer have to split my attention between them and art. Some moms are able to make lovely and noteworthy things while simultaneously raising a family, I am not one of them; unless, of course, you count chocolate chip cookies.

A native of Piermont, New York, I now live in La Pine, Oregon with my husband, two old, stinky dogs and an never ceasing rotation of pet rats.

I have a shop on Etsy called Tangible Imaginings where I sell my hand made jewelry, crocheted clothing and art as well as various cool things that I find in my rummaging. You can visit there through the COME SHOPPING ON ETSY tab on my home page.

I have a degree in fine art with an emphasis in illustration so naturally I spend most of my time day dreaming about rocks and yarn and on occasion florescent paint.

I have a congenital condition called Ehlers-Danlos and it is slowly robbing me of my mobility and dexterity. I don’t dwell on it but you might see me mention my limitations and wonder what I am referring to. It is an integral part of my creative process but that is not what this blog, or my life, is focused upon.

Feel free to ask any questions, I welcome them all

Thank you for finding me.


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