Who Are You?

When I was young (er), what I wore was incredibly important to me. I saw my body as an extension of my creative self. I had a mohawk, dyed with bright henna and always had three black dots on the side of my face. I don’t know why, they just felt authentic. My clothes were baggy, military or black and red. British punk and new wave was my scene and I proudly wore all the pins from the concerts I had attended. I even pierced my nose, long before it was fashionable. A steel ring, some pliers and viola! I did the same to my ears, many times and still sport the “stick and poke” tattoos. I was PUNK!

Like any good punk, Doc Martens were the boot of choice and, at one time, I had at least 10 pairs. They hurt my feet, a lot, so the obvious second choice was America’s answer to punk footwear, Chucks.

I saw these shoes today on the Bloomingdales website, ironically while I was trying to find the value of my last pair of Chucks so I could sell them. I would have killed for these, plain and simple.

Chuck Taylor Converse high-tops were shoes of the gods! In the 80’s it was rare and expensive to find any that weren’t just a solid color. Kids in the know would only accept black or very specific colors. Wear white and we would truly pity you. Later, as the nineties encroached, painting your Chucks became very common. Previously, a sharpie, boredom and s few choice words might enhance their look but now we were cracking out the acrylics and going to town!

A little piece of my soul needs these shoes!!!!! Now that I can afford them, my feet cannot. So, here I am, on my blog, letting my inner child scream for a bit.

Aren’t we all pieces of who we were? Who are you and how do you express yourself in your daily life? I can’t answer this very well today. I need to find ME again.

Welcome to the New Year, AGAIN.

I know that I have said this before, but this time I mean it! 2019 will be a year of transition for me. A number of things transpired in 2018 that have drastically altered the landscape of both my business and personal lives.

My health and the health of my adult children have taken the front seat on this journey around the sun. My time is split between being a caregiver and finding unique ways to make money; mostly by selling what we don’t need. In between, there is art. There will ALWAYS be art.

Just like the dots on this apple, life is made up of uncountable moments.

What we do in those moments will shape who we are and how we impact others.

Being conscious of your actions and thoughts will help you reach your goal, even if you are not exactly sure what that looks like.

Every dot, every moment, every connection, every person, is required to make the idea a reality; a “Tangible Imagining” if you will.

My daughters and I are facing a somewhat difficult and unknown future. But, as it is with all things, if we focus on what we want from life and we execute each moment with care, eventually, it will become a reality.

I draw with dots because I cannot draw lines well anymore. We adapt, if we want to.

Here’s to a new year. I hope you can adapt and keep your eye on the goal!