Drawings by Day

I joined one of those “100 drawings in 100 days” groups on Facebook. It was not until after I joined that I realized that most of the assignments were a bit juvenile and not something I would waste my time drawing. “Draw your favorite Pokemon” comes to mind…..I also was soon to discover that other than the moderator, I was the only other artist who took the bait. No thank you. I am, however, going ahead with the idea and using the list I was given as a template. So, drum foll please, the first assignment was to draw yourself….oh hell….no one like this one, but I guess it is best to get it over with. Here ya go.

10301940_10208795525628252_2664771367409869270_nIt got cropped kinda funny. I had to upload it from my phone to Facebook and then to my Chromebook, so you get what you get. The next drawing will be of my favorite animal!!!

Author: Gillian C Bruce -Tangible Imaginings

I am an artist based in La Pine, Oregon. I have a degree in fine art with an emphasis in illustration. I have been designing jewelry for 8 years and recently began collecting and shaping stones in my lapidary. When I am not out in my shop making things, I am in my house crocheting or remodeling. In between all of that, I like to write and read. I have a congenital condition called Ehlers-Danlos so you might see mention of that here as well. Welcome to my pea soup of creativity life! Enjoy.

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