A New Shop…..Again.

I know it seems like I open a new shop just about every year. First I had my gift shop Tangible Imaginings. Then I added Blue Daisy Supplies and its counterpart Blue Daisy Antiques. Both of these are idle at present, but I am getting ready to open the supplies in the next week or so. Now I have added Tough Girls which is a shop catering to gifts for women who need comfort. I will also be starting a blog here on WordPress at ToughGirls.org. I hope to discuss ways of healing, helping and coping. Lastly, in the not TOO distant future, I will be opening a shop called Pronghorn Designs which will cater to crafts made and sourced entirely in Oregon.

WHEW! Somewhere in between, I will be making things to stock these shops and maybe looking for a partner or two who have a similar vision.

My husband and I have taken on a quest to collect as many interesting rock samples as we can use from various sites here in Oregon. We plan to use these stones and any interesting wood we find as well, in our Pronghorn creations. A few weeks ago, we went in search of thunder-eggs. We found a well known spot, got out our shovels and stood there wondering where to begin. They say in rock hunting, if you don’t know where to start, you should dig where someone else has already been digging; so that is what we did. We were in dust up to our eyeballs, clamoring under old dead tree roots and eventually we came home with a bucket full of good candidates. Of course, once we got home, we realized that we had no way to cut into these incredibly hard stones and that is where we sit today.

Most of the thunder-eggs from the area we dug are red jasper. Some could be agate, but it is unlikely that we will find a geode amongst the heap.

Our next foray into stone searching will be for something a bit smaller and more useable. We will be heading out for a long weekend to collect Oregon Sunstone, a fiery form of Feldspar that can be clear as crystal or internally fractured with shades of the sun. In a rare case, you might find a bit that is greenish-gray and full of schiller. I can’t wait!!!

Author: Gillian C Bruce -Tangible Imaginings

I am an artist based in La Pine, Oregon. I have a degree in fine art with an emphasis in illustration. I have been designing jewelry for 8 years and recently began collecting and shaping stones in my lapidary. When I am not out in my shop making things, I am in my house crocheting or remodeling. In between all of that, I like to write and read. I have a congenital condition called Ehlers-Danlos so you might see mention of that here as well. Welcome to my pea soup of creativity life! Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “A New Shop…..Again.”

  1. On line shops really interest me. Who or what are you using to create the shops and how are they hosted? I’ve been wanting to get my knitting up on one.

    1. I am using Etsy, currently. If you hit the “COME SHOPPING” link at the top of my blog, you can see my busiest page. It is barely stocked right now because I am just getting it back up after our move. In the future, I will have my own website. My daughter is studying to be a web designer and is going to make me one as a final project in college. You CAN sell right here in WordPress. I tried it and no one ever looked. I think well travelled sites, like Etsy are the best place to start. The cost is minimal too.

      1. Thanks for the info. I’ve shied away from Etsy in case the shop expanded out of their scope. I’ve been trying to figure it out. Etsy definitely has a big following.

      2. Etsy now has shops of every size and type. You can sell a large variety of things as long as they are crafted, an item to make a craft or vintage (over 20 years old). The only thing you really can’t sell is someone else’s product unless it is a supply. I am not sure what would be “out of their scope” 🙂 You can sell anything you want right from your blog here and pay no additional fees.

      3. Thanks. I guess I am just thinking down the road my focus may change, perhaps it won’t be all crafted, and it would be nice to be able to transition without starting over.I think too much perhaps.

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