And then There was Yarn.


I started collecting yarn a few years ago. First I bought the traditional way; by going to Michael’s or Joann’s and clipping coupons every week. Then I moved on to the bigger sized purchases, made through eBay primarily. In the process, I discovered many wonderful yarns that today I make a staple of my business. I would like to introduce you to two of them

The bulk of the yarns in this picture were purchased though Stephanie’s Studio. I discovered her on Etsy and have since done a fair amount of business with her through he main website, She sells yarn in bulk from her sale page, saving you A LOT of money and giving some fun surprises too. I have never been disappointed. What I love most about Stephanie’s yarn is that it is designed to be used in a knitting machine. This gives the hand worker (like myself) a few really cool advantages.

  1. You get A TON of yarn on a single easy to use spool. Thousands of continual feet. No need to find enough skeins or worry about dye lots. As for knots I have never found one!
  2. This is high quality STRONG yarn. It was designed to be yanked about in a machine, so while most of her yarns are very light weight (fingerling-sport) they are anything but weak. Your product will stand up to the tests of time
  3. Too light a yarn for your purposes? I think not! I have a wall of these yarns because I can create my own pallet that way. I combine 2 or three yarns to make a standard weight and have a truly unique product. Add a soft green marl and a thin black 2ply and you get a yarn that is sweater soft, but not found anywhere else!
  4. Quality. Her acrylics are not waxy and synthetic like most of the yarns you can get at a craft shop. You won’t be disappointed.
  5. Almost all are 100% USA made! – All the one’s I have purchased are, but I don’t want to make a blanket statement without proof.


Another yarn that I am very fond of is Cestarti Yarn. The wool for these yarns comes from Cestari Farm in Churchville, Virginia. They make the yarn on site adding cotton and silk to some of my favorite varieties. The best part about their wool is that it is not chemically processed. Most wool is sent through a bath of acids that removes every last trace of vegetable matter that might be stuck in the hair, but as a result, the proteins in the wool are also destroyed. Advantages to this yarn include:

  1. Because it is not chemically processed, it remains soft and much less scratchy. It is machine washable! You may (OK do) find small bits of straw embedded in the yarn from time to time, but they are easy to pull out.
  2. End projects made with this yarn have a very natural look, feel and drape. Very authentic.
  3. The colors they offer are all very natural and work well with the yarn
  4. 100% USA made! (It’s a theme)

The only down side to this yarn is that it is hard to buy. I bought a large amount from a yarn store that was going out of business. Otherwise you have to call the farm and request and order. You have no visuals for colors and the shipping is quite slow, but the yarn is worth it! There are very few stores that carry this yarn. The closest to me is 300 miles away and I live in a very urban area,

So there you have a first glimpse into my studio. There is still quite a bit more yarn than that. I deconstruct high end cashmere sweaters in one corner to make my own spools of yarn and I salvage every bit of yarn I do not use in hopes of making a really cool hand woven rug one day.


Baby blanket combining three machine weight yarns


A wrap made with Cestari yarn

Author: Gillian C Bruce -Tangible Imaginings

I am an artist based in La Pine, Oregon. I have a degree in fine art with an emphasis in illustration. I have been designing jewelry for 8 years and recently began collecting and shaping stones in my lapidary. When I am not out in my shop making things, I am in my house crocheting or remodeling. In between all of that, I like to write and read. I have a congenital condition called Ehlers-Danlos so you might see mention of that here as well. Welcome to my pea soup of creativity life! Enjoy.

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